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Craft Applied Website v4.0 Release!


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While this first release is an incremental update, under the hood there a lot of improvements to improve our internal developer experience which will help us extend and enhance the website with more frequency and less overhead.

Improved Foundational Codebase

The foundation of our new website is built on Astro, a next-generation frontend framework that offers unrivalled performance with endless flexibility, by combining the best of leading JS frameworks and core web primitives to great effect.

Extending our desire for simplicity and performance, we adopted SolidJS for our interactivity, delivered via Astro’s islands architecture. Solid’s composable reactive primitives are pragmatic and performant, which will allow us to progressively enhance our site’s interactivity in the near future.

Streamlined Presentation Layer

It’s important to us that our solutions are not only performant but also visually appealing. We overhauled our previously fractured styling approach by constructing a bespoke Craft Applied UI Kit with TailwindCSS. This approach ensures a consistent and engaging user interface, while keeping our codebase lightweight and streamlined.

Enhanced Analytics Insights

Understanding how our website is used and received is crucial for us to serve our customers and prospects better. We’ve transitioned from Google Analytics to Plausible to allow us to gather insightful data in a way that prioritises performance, user privacy and security.

Applying Our Values

With the launch of our new website, we’ve taken the opportunity to showcase our commitment to progressive development values and practices, implemented in a brand-new stack. This milestone enables us to not only highlight our expertise but also sets the stage for upcoming client projects.

With a renewed focus on performance, consistency, usability, and accessibility, we’re poised to deliver exceptional solutions that exceed expectations.

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